Pergola: Immediately outside the kitchen is a large pergola covering a natural stone floor which provides an ideal shaded area for al fresco dining.

Lawns: The house is surrounded by well maintained lawns which are refreshed by an irrigation system every evening. While this might appear to be a flagrant waste of water, the 30,000 litres used every day is sourced from a well on the property. The lawns are a perfect place for children to play game.

The pool: Surrounded by a deep terracotta paving this substantial twelve by five meter pool has Roman Steps ideal for young children. While the pool is surrounded by a boundary fence, this has not been designed to keep it completely secure for children. This is deliberate; experience would suggest if they want to find a way of getting in they eventually will! However, the pool is visible from the kitchen, so keeping a watchful eye on children is relatively easy. There are twelve sun loungers and a further shaded pergola covered in wisteria.

The tennis court: Cut into the hill above the house is the all-weather tennis court. With views going down through the valley this is a stunning place to work off the pasta. The surface is polished concrete; it’s quick but deadly accurate. During the peak months of the summer it can be a bit too hot to play in the middle of the day, but it’s ideal for early morning and evening.

Pushing the net to one side, the court is a great surface for other games - basketball and football.

The barn: Unless requested, the barn is closed to visitors, with the exception of the pool room, which is used to store cushions and cleaning equipment.

The surrounding land: Twenty acres of land surrounds the property ensuring absolute privacy. Depending on the season, it is possible to collect wild strawberries, figs, truffles, mushrooms, cherries and an abundance of other fruits.

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