Use the table below to find the cost for the period of your stay.

Date From Date To Amount Villa Amount Villetta Total
2nd September 201729th September 20171,7005502,250
30th September 201727th October 20171,5003001,800
28th October 201715th December 20171,0003001,300
16th December 20175th January 20182,700Inclusive2,700
6th January 201825th May 20181,1801551,335
26th May 20181st June 20182,5705603,130
2nd June 20186th July 20181,7505602,310
7th July 201831st August 20183,650Inclusive3,650
1st September 201828th September 20181,7505602,310
29th September 201826th October 20181,5503101,860
27th October 201814th December 20181,0303101,340
15th December 20184th January 20192,780Inclusive2,780


During off peak periods it is possible to book the Villa for a maximum of six people on its own.  In the event there are more than six people the Villetta can be booked at the costs shown.  During the peak summer period the price is fixed to cover both Villa and Villetta. 

Extra Charges for Sterlinghe Notes to the rental rates

In the event you cancel your holiday half of your deposit will be retained and the other half returned to you on the condition you let us know more than three months before the date of your holiday. In the event you cancel within six weeks of the booking we regret we will not be able to return any monies paid. However, we will continue to market the villa and should we receive a booking for the period concerned the appropriate funds will be returned to you.

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