Al Fresco: Immediately outside the house are a selection of mature trees which afford wonderful shade suitable for relaxed eating and drinking.

The paved area between the two buildings is perfect for large parties. There are numerous outside chairs and tables which can be arranged in any format. Protected by the linking wall, the heated stone provides warmth throughout the evening.

A pergola covering the western end of the main villa provides a relaxing place for lunch out of the midday sun with easy access to the kitchen.

Garden: In keeping with its country setting the garden has been naturally landscaped and planted width an abundance of lavender and rosemary between the vines and olive groves. As water is scarce, the planting has been undertaken on a sustainable but empathetic basis.

The Pool House:  Where most pools are stuck out on a limb, Sterlinghes comes with its own five metre square poolhouse which is ideal as a retreat from the sun or a place to entertain.There is an all-weather ping pong table which is perfect for giving children a break from the sun.

With its own kitchen the Pool House is another great place to entertain, traitional Umbrian BBQ out of the sun and a full size pizza oven. Surrounded by fresh herbs, you can cater for yourselves or get Matteo, the local pizza chef, to churn them out considerably faster. Wi-fi, docking station, music inside and out, perfect for work and play.

Boca Court:  The Italian version of Boule is situated on a terrace just below the pool house. Docile in appearance this can be a fearsome game.

The Pool:  Surrounded by a border of natural stone, this 14 metre by 5 metre pool has corner steps and a shallow end for children, but due to its length provides a great way of working off an extended lunch.

The Surrounding Land: There are no roads within immediate reach of the Villa, so children are free to roam and explore as they wish. The gardens are dotted with figs, cherries, plums, olive, walnut and almond trees which invariably offer ripe fruits throughout the year.

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